About BVB

Quality is our top priority

Many years of experience, modern production facilities and a drive for perfection ensure that BVB Substrates is a frontrunner in its field and has developed into a leading substrate producer. We are a trusted partner, specialising in many markets including professional horticulture, natural and urban green spaces, the hobby gardening sector and mushroom and fruit growing. BVB Substrates produces 2.2 million m3 of high-quality substrate annually, spread over several locations in the Netherlands and Germany. These substrates are exported to 85 countries worldwide. 

At BVB Substrates, quality is our top priority. Every day sees production and process development, and we can safely say that our modern facilities set the trend. Thanks in part to our modern equipment, we can supply our customers with bespoke products with optimum levels of quality, reliability and consistency. Supported by the ISO certificate and the RHP quality mark, you are assured of the highest possible quality.