About Jardino


Jardino potting soils have been developed in consultation with professional growers.

The selected raw materials and fertilisers, combined with the special mixing methods, are also used in the professional horticultural industry to produce high-quality crops. Optimised recipes guarantee the perfect composition.

The carefully selected composition of the Jardino potting soil mixtures ensures your plants have a good growing environment to develop well. The selected raw materials for Jardino potting soils ensure also that Jardino potting soils offer good value for money. 



Every batch of potting soil or soil improver produced undergoes comprehensive analysis in our laboratory. This way, we can be sure that the products that we supply meet the highest quality standards.



BVB Substrates is a member of EPAGMA (European Peat and Growing Media Association). The members of EPAGMA have worked with scientists and nature and environmental organisations to develop an independent certification system with the aim of extracting peat in a envrironmentally friendly and transparent way.


Quality guaranteed through testing