Mini-cucumber production with Jardino Universal

Grow your own mini-cucumbers with Jardino potting soil
and enjoy a fun and healthy activity with your family.

Gather together these items to get started:

  • Mini-cucumber seeds
  • Container to put potting soil
    • Select a container based on the number of plants that you want to grow. You need at least 5 liters per plant, so if you have a container of 10 liter you can grow 2 plants and if you have a container of 20 liter you can grow 4 plants. Do you have a 5-liter container? Then only plan for one cucumber plant in that container.
    • This will allow the plants to grow well by giving the plant enough volume to develop their root system and ensure each plant has enough water available for ~1 day. – 
  • Universal potting soil
  • Twine
  • Water

Get started:

  1. Sowing
    Take Jardino Universal potting soil from the bag and fill the container with the potting soil. While doing so use your hands to create a uniform mixture and remove any clumps by breaking them apart. Press the potting soil slightly.

    Use your finger to make a hole around 1 – 2 cm deep
    Place a mini-cucumber seed in the hole and cover it with loose Jardino Universal potting soil.
    Water the Jardino Universal potting soil until moist.

  2.  Germination
    Now wait until the mini-cucumber seeds germinate and the plants start to emerge, within 2 – 5 days. When the plants are around 15 – 20 cm tall attach one end of a piece of twine to the plants and attach the other end of the twine to a higher object so the plants can follow the twine as they grow.
5 cucumber plants in a 25 liter container

3. Production
Remove all side shoots and any cucumbers growing at the first 4 – 6 leaves. Weekly turn the plants around the twine. Water the plants daily.

5 cucumber plants in a 25 liter container

Apply fertiliser after 6 – 8 weeks to ensure the plants have enough nutrients to continue production. You can use dried manure pellets as fertilizer. 

Within 4 – 6 weeks you should get ready to pick your first mini-cucumbers and enjoy!!!