Why use Jardino potting soil?

When you start growing plants you want to make sure your plants grow and develop well. So why should you use Jardino potting soil instead of normal soil?

There are a few very good reasons:

  1.  Jardino potting soil mixtures have been especially created to provide the optimal growing conditions for your plants. The recipe’s mixtures are based on years of experience of professional growers and trials at Jardino’s testing facilities.
  2.  Most Jardino potting soils contain enough nutrients for the first 6 – 8 weeks, so you don’t need to worry if your plants will have enough nutrients to develop well. Furthermore, these nutrients are balanced to meet the plants’ requirements. Check the clear icon on the bag so you know when you need to start to fertilize your plants:

3.   When you use loamy soil in pots the soil tends to stay too wet. Even though there are drainage holes in a pot, the water will not drain well from the soil. The mixture of Jardino potting soils ensures that water drains well from the potting soil, while still having a high-water holding capacity. This keeps your plants from drying out too quickly.
4.   Jardino potting soils are free from pests, diseases and weed seeds, which can all have a negative effect on the growth of your plants.
5.  All Jardino potting soils are produced under strict quality control and standards, making sure you always receive top quality potting soil produced in a sustainable way.

All these points make Jardino potting soils very convenient to use and offer the best value for money.

Jardino, helping you to be a successful gardener!!!